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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Healthy Strawberry-Coconut Milkshake

For a hot minute last month, we enjoyed some lovely sunny weather here in Vienna and this in combination with the strawberries on the market (and the fact I had to clear out my fridge before a trip home) made me crave a fresh spring-summery drink. To be honest this recipe was a complete experiment and I just threw some stuff together and blitzed them up in the blender, but the result was incredibly satisfying! This is just a glass of heaven when it gets sweaty outside, it’s quite healthy and let’s not even mention how quick it is to prepare, takes seconds!

Healthy Strawberry-Coconut Milkshake

Strawberry-coconut milkshake recipe:

250 ml/8.5 oz light coconut milk
150 ml/5 oz yoghurt
500 g/1 lb strawberries (washed and without stems)
Honey to taste (I put 1 tbsp. per glass)


Blend all the ingredients together with a stick or a regular blender. To make it a truly summer shake either add some ice cubes to the drink or if you have a regular blender add the ice cubes while blitzing all the ingredients together and you’ll be left with something similar to strawberry margarita in texture. Cheers!

Healthy Strawberry-Coconut Milkshake

PS Taking those pictures laying in the grass in front of my place made my neighbours a little judgmental to say the least :)